Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just a Lap Swimmer

Overheard a discussion about swimming today and was kind of taken aback. So much so, that I kept my mouth shut rather than jumping in on a couple of strangers. The individuals in question were discussing triathlon training and referred to someone else they knew who swam for exercise as "Just a lap swimmer" with a kind of dismissive wave of the hand. First, there's nothing wrong with being "just a lap swimmer."  Swimming is great exercise, after all.

But what else brought me up short was, "How in hell would you know?"

If you looked at my training of a weekday morning, you'd see a middle-aged lady seriously given to enbonpoint with no gear but a watch going back and forth in the pool -- sometimes faster, sometimes a little slower, but pretty steadily swimming for between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.  No gear but cap and goggles.  Sometimes a water bottle.  Certainly no kickboards, pull buoys, paddles or fins.*

Friends, 90% of my training is *gasp* swimming laps!

While not yet a marathon swimmer, I'm certainly a real and for true open water swimmer.  I sign up for and swim real events and everything.  (Though is it bad I like my training swims with my husband kayaking beside me better?)

So, am I a *dismissive wave* lap swimmer?

And so what if I were?

* Nuttin' wrong with any of that stuff.  I just... don't.  That's all.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Disappointing Spring Scream

I got in the open water today.

Air temp: 57F
Wind speed: 6mph
Quacker's Water Temperature Report: 50F (~10C)

You know how Han Solo says, "Never tell me the odds?"

It may have been wiser not to get a water temp before I got in.  I think I may have been psyching myself out.

Nonetheless, I'm going to say right here that people who call 50F "still okay" (I'm looking at you, Loneswimmer) have a serious problem, and should be restrained for their own protection!*

So, did I get in?

I did.  And I'm pretty disappointed.  I couldn't do any real swim. Not really.   I probably spent a total of five minutes in the water at all, did a few strokes of breast stroke, and a few of crawl before I just had to get out.  My husband tells me I actually whimpered when I started the breast stroke, and he's never heard me whimper before.

So yeah, I am disappointed.  The first swim of the year last year was considerably more successful.

'Course, that was in June, the air temperature was ten degrees warmer, and the estimated water temperature was about seven degrees warmer.  Those seven degrees sure seem to make a big difference.

The solution to this?  Well, Monday, I'm getting in again and seeing if I can stay in a little longer and force myself to swim a little further.

Alacatraz and Lake Memphremagog ain't gonna swim themselves, right?

* Note to the humor-impaired.  The author of that blog is simply a better and more experienced cold water swimmer than I am.