Thursday, April 30, 2015

Not According to Plan

So, the story I told myself was that I'd be dipping a toe in the open water starting May 1.

Yeah, right.   I took a look at the water temperatures of some of the larger local lakes.  Water temperature is still in the 40s.

I'm a beginner open water swimmer. Holy crap am I a beginner.   No, I'm not going to make my first open water attempts in water under 50F.

I'm basing this decision at least in part on an article on LoneSwimmer, called Introducing a precise open water swimming temperature scale.  The article is tongue in cheek, and funny, but it makes a point.  No, as a beginner, I don't belong out in the cold open water just yet.

Though I am getting concerned.  I have about seven weeks to get ready for a swim in Lake Memphremagog, and that water is going to be cold by my standards.  I need to prep for that and I'm not sure when things are gonna warm up out here enough for the beginner.
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